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Water delivery, the name suggests is a baby born in water, in fact, this is a new natural delivery. In the water during childbirth, maternal entirely with the buoyancy of water to produce, does not require anesthetic and analgesic needle can relieve labor pains, Can also reduce the level of maternal perineal laceration, shorten the birth process, to mitigate the impact of gravity on the fetus, is introduced to our hospital swept the international mode of delivery.
In 1803, France was born a water baby. At that time, a tired mothers want to get into the hot tub to relax a result, the baby is safely born in the water. Later, this approach has been the medical research applications and gradually extended, slowly more maternal acceptance and love. The birth mother through the water is also affectionately known as "dolphins".

水中分娩,顾名思义就是在水中把宝宝生出来,其实这是一种新自然的分娩方式。其定义是:新生儿娩出时完全浸没在水中。在此过程中新生儿的头部必须是完全浸没在水中直到身体全部在水下娩出,随 后立即将新生儿抱出水面。在水中分娩过程中,产妇完全是借助水的浮力来生产,不需要麻药和止痛针就可以减轻阵痛, 还可以降低产妇会阴撕裂伤程度,缩短产程,缓解重力对胎儿的影响,是我院引进的风靡国际的新分娩方式。
Water Birth, just as its name implies, is to give birth in water. In fact this is a new way of natural childbirth. The definition is: Neonatal when delivery is completely submerged in the water. In the process of the newborn head must be completely submerged in the water until the body comes out, then take out the newborn out of the water immediately. In the process of delivery, the maternal produce completely with the help of buoyancy, which can reduce pain without anesthetic and pain killer injection, still can reduce maternal perineal laceration degree, shorten the labor time, alleviate the effect of gravity to the fetus. We have introduced this popular international new delivery mode.

  • 医务人员布置分娩池注入经过特殊过滤的水,依孕妈妈感受调节适合水温
    Medical personnel arrangement delivery

  • 为孕妈妈做最后的产前检查,并细致叮嘱水中生产注意事项
    For pregnant mother do last antenatal

  • 孕妈妈听着音乐,舒服的待在水中待产,躺着坐着趴着都可以
    Pregnant mother listen music, comfortable

  • 孕妈妈起身到产床上,监测胎心
    Pregnant mother got up and to ChanChuang, TaiXin monitoring

  • 孕妈妈在丈夫的陪同和医护人员的指导下做减压运动
    Pregnant mother in her husband's

  • 回到分娩池中,在医生助产士的指导下平缓呼吸用力,宝宝马上就要出来啦
    Back to delivery pool, the doctor midwife,

  • 无菌处理的一次性衬垫,加强安全
    sterile treatment one-time pad, strengthening the safety
  • 高安全性及可调节三层设计,根据产妇需要调整
    high security and adjustable three level of design
  • 保持分娩用水恒温
    keep constant temperature water delivery
  • 合理的水池构造,内部深度和水深提供最佳浮力,使产妇更舒适
    reasonable pool structure, internal depth and water depth provides the best buoyancy, make the puerpera
  • 水池内部宽敞,便于孕妈自由移动调整姿势,有助于分娩
    and pools internal capacious, facilitate pregnant mom move freely adjust posture, help to delivery
  • 超高承受力,丈夫可在池中协助陪同产妇分娩
    high endurance, the husband can assist in the pond
  • Born under the water, is it possible to choke?
  • Similar to the mother womb amniotic fluid, the fetus will easily adapt to this new external environment when born in the pool. He will hold his breath by instinct before he is taken out of the water, so he does’t choke water. In the process, the newborn head must be
  • The water quality of the water of the delivery?
  • The water used for birth have gone through special disinfection treatment and filter. It is about 37 ℃ which suit for water delivery while the environment temperature is 26 ℃. The key is to avoid
  • The water delivery safe? 水中分娩是否安全?
    The water delivery really not pain? 水中分娩真的不痛吗?
    Reduction of pressure on the abdomen 水中分娩是不是不需要会阴侧切?
  • Herpes 疱疹
    Because herpes is highly transferable, it is advisable not to utilize water as a labor

  • Malpresentation胎位不正
    Position of the baby coming through the birth canal is breech (butt or feetcoming

  • Medical Conditions其他疾病或病史
    Certain medical or obstetrical diagnosed by a physician

  • Premature Labor 早产
    Threatened or actual. If a baby is pre-term, indicating more than three weeks

  • Severe Meconium 重度胎粪污染
    Meconium is another word for stool. If there is moderate to

  • Any indication of fetal distress

  • Less Pain可以减少疼痛
    Water birth has been shown to be very effective at reducing pain. Some studies have shown that water birth is second only to epidural in pain relief. Women who have given birth in the water have said the difference in pain is amazing!

  • Fewer tears 会阴撕裂程度更小
    Because of the ability to relax and to have a gentle second stage (pushing stage), most mothers who have a water birth have fewer tears and require fewer stitches than women who give birth outside of a tub.

  • Increased relaxation增强轻松感
    Water has long been known for its relaxing properties. After all, don't we often suggest a warm bath when someone says they are stressed? The warm water does the same thing in labor and childbirth, though often with a more dramatic effect. Relaxation is a great thing in childbirth!

  • Increased ability to move around in labor增加待产时的移动能力
    When in water you find it easier to move because of the water. Your larger body weighs less in the water. This movement can help speed labor or make for more effective contractions in some women. You are able to move your legs, squat, circle your hips - all of which can help you feel less pain and help her baby move down in the pelvis and possibly have a faster birth!

  • Reduction of pressure on the abdomen减少腹部压力浮力
    Buoyancy promotes more efficient uterine contractions and better blood circulation, resulting in better oxygenation of the uterine muscles, less pain for the mother, and more oxygen for the baby.

  • Helps mother to conserve her energy 帮助产妇储存能量
    Immersion reduces opposition to gravity; supports the mother's weight so that her energy can be used to cope with the contractions.

  • Empowerment of the mother赋予产妇自主权
    When a woman delivers her baby while remaining awake, aware and in control, it greatly enhances the birth experience for her and becomes a source of great personal strength and power that enriches her life forever.

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